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Project Car Spotlight: Randy's Ultimate Subaru GC8

Posted by IAG Performance on May 31st 2024

Project Car Spotlight: Randy's Ultimate Subaru GC8

Project Car Spotlight: Randy's Ultimate Subaru GC8

There is no shortage of car enthusiasts at IAG Performance, especially when it comes to Subaru. We love driving them, building them and racing them, so when we find a really good example of a modified Subie, we like to give props where they’re due. We wanted to take the time to highlight one particular Subaru build that has evolved from ordinary to extraordinary. The car we’re talking about is IAG employee Randy Bader Jr.’s 2001 Subaru Impreza L Coupe. To look at it, you wouldn’t imagine that it was ever a “full-grandma spec GC8”, as it has undergone several transformations over the years to become the high-performance track racer that you see today. Join us as we check out Randy’s ultimate GC8 track car, what it took to get here, and what’s in store for his ‘01 Subaru.


Over the past 16 years, Randy has almost doubled the horsepower in his GC8 by swapping out the engine in favor of a USDM EJ205 taken from a WRX. This would make the swap affordable, while the US domestic market engine would allow for easy access to parts upgrades. With the addition of a Blouch 16G turbo and a COBB Accessport, Randy was able to reach 260HP on an E85 track tune, and 302HP on an E85 street tune.

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Before and after photos of Randy's Subaru GC8 track car.

Photo of Subaru GC8 with titanium exhaust.


In an effort to squeeze out every last bit of horsepower, he installed a Tomei titanium exhaust, known for its ability to achieve increased power through the use of minimal bends and a free flowing design, perfect for the track. To improve handling under varying conditions, a MAP DCCD (advanced center differential control system) was added.

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A few more notable mods on Randy’s CG8 include the AP Racing big brake kit, giving it improved braking performance and an aggressive look. The AP Racing kits reduce braking effort and are more responsive, again an optimal choice for the track. He’s also invested in a set of forged Volk Racing TE37 Saga wheels (17x9), designed specifically for sport driving and racing applications, along with super grippy 255/40/17 track tires.

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Photo of Subaru GC8 with hood open.


The jump up from a five speed manual transmission to a six speed manual STI transmission not only increased durability for street and track adventures, but also provided the ability to stay in the power band. Finally, Randy chose the MCS two-way adjustable coilover suspension with external reservoirs for full adjustability and superior handling.

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As for the visual appearance of the car, Randy took it from the stock Impreza L to 2.5RS exterior. His very tidy looking Aspen White Subaru verges on perfection, the car is beautifully assembled, with a keen eye for detail. From the roll cage to the Sparco race seats and harnesses, the OMP quick-release steering wheel to the flocked dash, you can see that this GC8 project has been a labor of love. Randy has no intentions of stopping now, though, and he has a whole new checklist of upgrades that he’s been planning.

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Photo of Subaru GC8 interior.

Photo of IAG EJ Comp Series Oil Pan Kit with Pickup & Windage Tray Baffle.


Looking to double-down once again on his current horsepower, Randy will be upgrading to the IAG 2.3 liter Destroker with a G30-770 Garrett turbo. Randy’s list of upgrades goes on to include a full roster of high power, high performance parts from IAG, including the IAG Stage 2 11mm oil pump, IAG EJ Comp Series Oil Pan Kit with Pickup & Windage Tray Baffle, the IAG Air Oil Separator, and IAG PTFE Fuel System Kit with Injector Dynamics 1700 top feed injectors.

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Since there are so many parts upgrades on this go-around, we’ve gone ahead made this list that basically reads like any Subaru enthusiast’s wishlist-

IAG 2.34L Destroker

G30-770 Garrett turbo

Corsa Veloce Reverse Manifold

Link G4 ECU

GSC S2 Billet Camshaft Set

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Photo of Garrett turbo

IAG Fire Lock gaskets

Link In-car Keypad

Motec C127 digital dash display

PlasmaMan Pro Series GC8 intercooler kit

IAG V3 Top Feed TGV Housings

IAG Fire-Lock head gaskets

IAG 8mm Thick Phenolic Spacers

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Photo of IAG Air Oil Separator, uninstalled.

Photo of Randy's new IAG 2.3L Destroker engine.

Working for IAG Performance definitely has its perks, especially if you have an ongoing Subaru project. Randy’s already impressive GC8 has been left at IAG for its overhaul, and we’re eagerly anticipating an absolute powerhouse. We’ll definitely check back in to see how the rebuild went, as well as how the car is performing with all the new upgrades. As always, if you’re trying to make some upgrades of your own and have questions, or you just need a bit of friendly advice about your own build, we’re happy to help. Feel free to give us a call at 1(410)840-3555 or shoot us an email at

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