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IAG 600 FA20 DIT Long Block Engine w/ IAG 600 Heads for 2015-21 Subaru WRX

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IAG Performance

IAG 600 FA20 DIT Long Block Engine w/ IAG 600 Heads for 2015-21 Subaru WRX


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  • IAG Subaru FA20F Injector Set with Clips for 2015-2021 WRX
  • IAG Subaru FA20F DIT Injector O-Ring Seal Kit For 2015-21 WRX
  • IAG Long Block Basic Installation Kit for 2015-21 WRX FA20F DIT
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IAG 600 FA20F DIT Timed Long Block Engine w/ Stage 1 Heads for 2015-21 WRX

IAG 600 FA20 DIT Long Block Engine w/ IAG 600 Heads for 2015-21 Subaru WRX


IAG 600 FA20 DIT Long Block Engine w/ IAG 600 Heads for 2015-21 Subaru WRX

  • IAG Subaru FA20F Injector Set with Clips for 2015-2021 WRX
  • IAG Subaru FA20F DIT Injector O-Ring Seal Kit For 2015-21 WRX
  • IAG Long Block Basic Installation Kit for 2015-21 WRX FA20F DIT

FOR 2015-2021 WRX

IAG 600 FA20F DIT Timed Long Block For 15-21 WRX


The IAG Performance Hand-Built 600 Subaru FA20F (DIT) Long Block Package is a complete, valve cover to valve cover, timed, crate engine. These engines offer significant ease of installation for customers seeking a complete "drop-in" engine package for their 2015+ Subaru WRX. The Long Blocks feature a combination of our proven IAG Performance Short Block and Cylinder Head packages, along with other race-proven components to complete the assembly. When paired with our Long Block Installation Packages, you have a true plug-and-play solution to get you back on the road, FAST! All components included are BRAND NEW and there is NEVER A CORE CHARGE required.


Every IAG 600 FA20 Long Block is sold complete and ready to install. Since their introduction to the WRX lineup in 2015, the FA20F has proven to be one of the more difficult Subaru engines to work on, especially for those who are inexperienced with the platform. The timing system on these engines is complicated. One wrong move can leave you needing a new set of valves. In building the IAG Long Block line we set out to make installation as easy as possible. To that end, we have decided to only offer the FA20 long blocks with all new timing components pre-installed. This means all your mechanic needs to do is swap over the manifolds, sensors, injectors, and external accessories to get you back on the road ASAP. Most installations can be completed in a day.

15-21 WRX FA20F DIT Timed Components
IAG 600 Subaru WRX FA20F DIT Timed Long Block



IAG 600 FA20F DIT Short Block for 2015-21 WRX

The IAG 600 Long Block Package is ideal for clients looking for an engine to support up to 600 BHP applications. The IAG 600 FA20F (DIT) long block features our highly popular IAG 600 FA20F (DIT) WRX Short Block.

The IAG 600 FA20F Short Block starts with a new Subaru FA 2.0L engine case half set. Our engine builders modify the oil passages inside the case for improved oiling. Once the oiling modifications are completed the case is bored and honed to 86.1mm on our in-house Sunnen SV-30 cylinder hone. This computer controlled hone is the most advanced automotive cylinder hone available. Through our specialized in-house honing process we are able to set piston to wall clearances tighter, for a quieter running engine. The short block is measured and assembled using a new 2015+ Subaru 2.0L FA20 WRX crankshaft which is matched to IAG Spec main bearings. IAG Spec H-Beam connecting rods with ARP2000 rod bolts are utilized, along with King or ACL rod bearings. The case halves are sealed with new OEM case bolts and sealant. Finally, IAG-Spec JE FSR 86.1mm forged pistons are carefully measured and installed, along with an OEM oil plug to finish off the short block.


It's no secret that the OEM connecting rods are the weak link when it comes to the FA20F engines. Any increases in low end torque can stress the OEM rods to the point of breaking. When a rod breaks it causes catastrophic damage inside the engine, sometimes even leaving big holes in the engine case. With this in mind, all of our FA20 short blocks feature upgraded rods. The IAG 600 FA20 DIT Long Block features IAG Spec H Beam connecting rods with ARP 2000 hardware, which are a significant upgrade from the OEM components. You can feel confident when increasing your horsepower and torque that the rods are designed to handle the stress.

IAG Spec H-Beam Connecting Rods for FA20 DIT WRX
IAG 600 FA20F DIT WRX JE Pistons


Each IAG 600 FA20F DIT WRX Short Block features IAG Spec JE FSR 86.1mm Forged Pistons. These 2618 T6 Alloy high-strength pistons have been specifically designed to support increased cylinder pressures which come with more boost. FSR forgings reduce mass and wear caused by friction without sacrificing strength. This is accomplished by using an asymmetrical skirt design instead of the traditional full-round skirt, also this reduces weight significantly. Featuring smooth flowing radii on the domes and dishes, the design promotes excellent flame travel. The pistons are secured to the rods with .905 x 2.250" x .150" wall 9310 tool steel wrist pins with Tru Arc locks.



The 600 FA20F (DIT) Cylinder Head Package starts with brand new AW20 WRX OEM head castings directly from Subaru of America. The heads are then fixtured in our Newen Contour Valve Guide and Seat Machine to cut all intake and exhaust seats with a multi-angle valve job that suits the flow characteristics of new GSC valves. The head decks are then resurfaced using our TS-3000 BlockMate, which cuts the aluminum to a smooth, even finish. To remove debris and oils from the machining process, the heads are ultrasonically cleaned. Finally, the lower portion of the heads are reassembled using Kelford Dual Cylindrical Valve Springs and Retainers along with new GSC viton valve stem seals. The heads are then attached to the short block using an OEM Subaru cylinder head gasket and secured with 11mm ARP 2000 head studs.

The IAG 600 FA20 WRX Head Package also features Kelford's new 264-EZ Camshafts, which are proven to add a significant bump in power across the rev range without sacrificing driveability. The cams are installed in the upper cam tower assembly and attached to the lower portion of the head casting. Valve lash is carefully measured and set at this time using new, OEM shims for proper clearance. New OEM valve covers are added for a complete valve cover-to-valve cover assembled long block. Once assembled, we add new OEM timing components and a Subaru FA20 timing chain cover with built-in oil pump.

Kelford Cams 264-EX Camshafts for 2015-21 WRX

What's Inside:

IAG 600 Timed Long Block Engine Includes:

IAG 600 FA20F DIT Short Block Includes:

  • Case Halves -Brand new OEM Subaru FA20 case halves, bored and honed to 86.1mm
  • Case Machining - Modified for improved oiling
  • Case Machining - Bored and honed to 86.1mm
  • Pistons -IAG-Spec 86.1mm Forged Pistons, Ring Set, and .150" x 2.250" 9310 Tool Steel Wrist Pins.
  • Connecting Rods -IAG-Spec H-Beam / ARP2000 Rod Bolts
  • Rod Bearings-ACL or King XPG
  • Main Bearings -King XPG or IAG Spec
  • Crankshaft -New Subaru FA20 DIT WRX crankshaft
  • Case / Main Bolts -Standard Subaru case bolts
  • Hardware - OEM Oil Plug - comes preinstalled at the oil pan location

Compression Ratio:

  • 10.6:1 compression on standard gasket thickness.

IAG 600 FA20F DIT Cylinder Heads:

  • Heads - Brand New Subaru OEM WRX AW Cylinder Head Castings
  • Intake Valves - GSC 36mm (Standard) Intake Valves
  • Exhaust Valves - GSC 32mm (Standard) Exhaust Valves
  • Springs / Retainers - Kelford Dual Valve Springs & Titanium Retainers
  • Guides - OEM Valve Guides
  • Valve Seals - GSC Valve Stem Seals
  • Lifters - OEM Subaru Lifters
  • Camshafts - Kelford 264-EZ Camshafts
  • Multi-Angle Valve Job
  • Machined Cam Lobe Clearance
  • Resurface
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Final Lash

Gaskets, Hardware & Accessories:

  • Head Studs - ARP 2000 11mm Set
  • Head Gaskets - OEM
  • Valve Cover Gaskets - OEM
  • Cam Seals - OEM
  • Valve Covers - OEM
  • Timing Components - OEM
  • Oil Pump/Timing Cover - OEM
  • Wrist Pin Seal, Rear Main Seal & Separator Kit
  • Crankshaft Woodruff Key

Power Rating:

Power: The IAG 600 Long Block has a power output rating of 600BHP.

Long Block Installation Kit

FA20 DIT Long Block Install Kit

The optional IAG Long Block Installation Kit provides all of the basic components needed to install one of our FA20F Long Block Engine Packages in one complete kit. This kit includes all of the gaskets and seals required to install the timed long block. The kit also includes a new water pump and thermostat, spark plugs, oil pan, pickup, and crank bolt. All fluids for initial break-in are included.

During installation your mechanic will need to swap over the external components from your engine such as the intake and exhaust manifolds, turbocharger, fuel pump, injectors, scavenge pump, etc.

Injector Kit Option:

When installing your new IAG FA20F Timed Long Block your mechanic will need to reinstall your injectors. If you engine experienced a previous failure we recommend replacing your fuel injectors with new OEM injectors. This kit provides a set of 4 new Subaru OEM fuel injectors which come with the direct injection seals preinstalled. The kit also includes new spring clips to secure the injectors.


If reusing your original injectors it is important to replace the injector seals during installation. Our injector seal kit includes all new seals and clips for your original injectors. (Note that a special tool is required for installation of the new seal kit and is not included)

Injector Clips

Installation Instructions:

Please review the PDF document below regarding installation, break-in procedures and warranty information.

PDF IconPDF After Sale Document - Contains Shipping, Engine Care and Warranty Information

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We stand behind every hand-built engine we produce. IAG's Standard Long Block Workmanship Warranty covers your long block for 12 months or 12,000 miles. We have also teamed up with a selection of IAG Certified Installation Facilities which offer up to a 24 month/24,000 mile workmanship warranty when the engine is purchased, installed, and tuned by that IAG Certified Installer.


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IAG Performance Engine Warranty

For more information concerning our engine warranty please visit IAG Performance Engine Warranty Page

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