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Great Gift Ideas for the Subaru Driver on Your List

Posted by IAG Performance on Feb 16th 2024

Great Gift Ideas for the Subaru Driver on Your List

Great Gift Ideas For The Subaru Driver On Your List

The holiday season is approaching faster than an Aspen white Hawkeye STI. It’s definitely time to start ticking some names off your gift shopping list, but battling the traffic in the parking lot, as well as the crowds in the shops never sounds appealing. We get it, and we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re shopping for a Subie-lover or an all-around car enthusiast, IAG Performance has the perfect gift to match any budget. We’ve put together a list of great gift ideas that are sure to please the gearhead in your life. Best of all, we’ve made sure that everything on our list is in stock, so if you order soon, there’ll be plenty of time to get your gifts shipped, wrapped and under the tree.


These IAG Laser Cut Key Tags are the perfect stocking stuffer for any car enthusiast. Available in a gloss black finish, textured matte black, or neon yellow, these budget-friendly key tags are sure to compliment your ride and add a little style to your key ring.

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IAG laser cut key tags in black and green.

Photo of IAG Aluminum Wallet with miniature screwdriver


The IAG Aluminum Wallet w/Money Clip, Cash Band, and Screwdriver Kit is the polar opposite of a George Costanza wallet; this slim-profile, lightweight aluminum wallet is designed to fit discreetly in your front pocket. It holds up to 10 cards and comes with a handy miniature screwdriver kit, as well as an optional money clip or cash band. On top of all that, IAG’s Aluminum Wallet features RFID blocking technology, which keeps your information safe from potential theft by blocking any attempts to scan your cards.

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IAG has an attractive selection of hats, hoodies, t-shirts, kids’ wear and casual apparel, all for under $50. We even have onesies for future Subaru drivers and dog swag for your four-legged buddies. Going to an ugly sweater party? We have just the thing- AG Men's Ugly Christmas Black T-Shirt.

You’ll have no problem finding the perfect gift for all your holiday occasions in our apparel section-


Lifestyle photo of IAG Men's Ugly Christmas T-shirt in black.

Photo of Subaru with RockBlocker Tail Light film applied.


The stock tail lights on the 2008-2014 Subaru WRX and STI can look a little ho-hum, but IAG’s Tail Light Overlay Film Kit changes all that by adding a pop of color and a bit of style to the factory tail lights. Installation is a snap, taking less than 30 minutes to complete. Looking for another fitment? Be sure to check our website, we offer Overlay Film Kits for all generations of Subaru in both red and smoke colors.

Check out more options from RockBlocker here-


Give the gift of convenience this holiday! Our all-in-one Oil Change Package features high-quality Motul synthetic oil, a new filter, and a crush washer—all neatly delivered to your doorstep. Whether it's for a stock engine or an IAG-built engine, it's a thoughtful present for the hands-on holiday enthusiast.

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Display photo of Motul oil and filter.
Display photo of Aftermarket Lug Nuts.


Aftermarket lug nuts are the perfect gift for someone who has aftermarket wheels. Stock lug nuts don’t fit most aftermarket wheels, and they generally don’t do much to enhance the appearance, either. Our selection of aftermarket lug nuts are available in a variety of colors, so you can choose a set that is sure to add a bit of style to the vehicle.

Check out more exterior accessories here-


The IAG 7-Piece Aluminum AN Wrench Set is one gift that will actually get a lot of use. Whereas regular wrenches can easily mar the surface of aluminum fittings, these colorful anodized wrenches were designed to work with aluminum AN fittings without stripping or damaging them. If there’s someone on your list that likes to tinker around in the garage, this is the perfect gift!

We have an assortment of different types of wrenches for every job, click here-

Photo of IAG 7-piece aluminum wrench set.

Display photo of COBB Subaru 6-speed shift knob


COBB Knob. Not only is it extremely fun to say, but these make a nice upgrade over the stock shift knob. Best of all they are super easy to install/remove so a great gift idea for someone who wants to mix up their interior without causing any permanent damage to their car. Delrin is a nice material for a shift knob because it is more temperature resistant and won’t freeze your hand off in winter months and burn your hand during those hot summer months. Of course, if the COBB Knob doesn’t cut it for you, we have lots of other options from Mishimoto, Kartboy and more.

We have a variety of shift knobs to choose from, click here-


If you’re shopping for a Subie driver, you’re going to want to check out our selection of COBB Tuning Short Shifters. These shifters make shifting more precise, while reducing the time between gear changes. Best of all, the shift throw distance and shift knob height are easily adjustable, so it can be set up according to personal preference.

Click here to view more products from COBB-

Photo of COBB short shifter, uninstalled.

Display photo of IAG Street Series Pitch Stop Mount


This gift idea is for the Subaru enthusiast on your list. The IAG Pitch Stop Mount is an easy and effective upgrade that will improve driving feel and allow for smoother shifting in any year US STI, WRX, Forester XT, as well as some Legacies. With so many fitment options, you won’t have to worry about buying a part that won’t fit.

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This gift could literally save your Subie-lover’s engine! The IAG V2 Oil Pickup is a popular mod that should be a mandatory upgrade for any STI. Why is this mod so important? The stock STI oil pickup is known for cracking and failing over time which can lead to catastrophic engine failure. IAG has solved this problem by designing this thicker, stainless steel pickup that will not fatigue and fail over time like an OEM unit. Priced at under $150, this gift is worth every penny, and can save thousands of dollars.

From oil pickups to air oil separators, we have it all-

Display photo of IAG V2 Oil Pickup.

Display photo of IAG Red Racing Timing Belt.


The Subaru owner on your shopping list will really appreciate IAG’s Red Racing Timing Belt for many miles to come. Typically, timing belt services are done around 100,000 miles, depending on how the vehicle is driven, so this is an item that most EJ based Subarus are going to need at some point. What’s so special about the IAG Red Racing Timing Belt? The Kevlar construction is 300% stronger than the OEM Subaru timing belt, and is also three times more heat resistant. Additionally, the belt teeth are made of H-NBR grade rubber for added strength and durability.

IAG Performance is your one-stop shop for Subaru upgrades-


WeatherTech FloorLiners are the perfect gift to protect any car fanatic’s interior. These durable mats fit perfectly over your floor boards and protect your carpets from salt, mud, debris and spills. We carry options for various different models from WeatherTech and 3D MAXpider, and with prices starting at $150, they’re a great deal for a thoughtful gift that they’re sure to love.

We have lots more floor mats and liners to choose from, click here-

Display photo of Rally Armor Mud Flaps
Display photo of WeatherTech Floor Liner.

Display photo of IAG Stage 1 Blueprinted EJ25 11MM Oil Pump.


We’ve found that the factory Subaru oil pumps are shipped with loose hardware and they’re not ready to be installed. Since the oil pump is a critical component, and the heart of your engine, we made sure that our Stage 1 Blueprinted Oil Pumps arrive with all the hardware intact, and torqued to the proper specifications. If you’re shopping for someone who is doing an engine build this year, this is the perfect gift!

IAG Performance is your one-stop shop for Subaru upgrades-


Another great gift for a Subaru enthusiast would be the IAG V3 Top Feed Fuel Rails. The Subaru factory fuel rails function in a series, which means that each cylinder's fuel is delivered after the other. Once you start getting above the 350whp mark, the stock fuel rail runs out of juice. Our V3 Top Feed Fuel Rails work to distribute fuel equally, ensuring that each fuel injector receives the same fuel pressure. Additionally, our fuel rails allow for higher volume in the rail, making more fuel available at higher power levels.

Good news! We have a few of these left in our clearance section-

Display photo of iag Fuel Rails and seals.

Display photo of Rally Armor Mud Flaps


If you have a little more money to spend this holiday season, the IAG Air / Oil Separator is a must-have item for car enthusiasts. This product is renowned for improving engine performance, decreasing oil consumption, and for being relatively easy to install. It makes for an ideal holiday gift! The IAG AOS is available in three colors - red, black, and neon yellow - so you can choose one that’s perfect for the Subie fan on your list.

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Hopefully we’ve helped to make your holidays a little bit easier with a few great gift ideas. However, if you are still unsure about what to get your friend or family member, you can always purchase an IAG gift card. The best part is that they can choose exactly what they want, which means you don't have to worry about getting a part that fits their car. As always, if you have any questions or need some advice, IAG Performance has the expertise you need. Feel free to give us a call at (410) 840 - 3555 or shoot us an email at we’d love to help!

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