IAG Fender Rolling Services

Fender Rolling & Pulling Services

IAG Performance provides fender rolling and pulling services for all Subaru models including the WRX, STI, Forester XT and Legacy.

This service is required for mild to aggressive wheel fitments that require fender or rear quarter panel clearance for larger wheel and tire combinations. Rolling the fenders is often used for slightly larger tires or wheel widths. Pulling the fenders is extreme and requires in many cases grinding the fender material as well as pulling it outward. Most pulls provide a .25”-.50” of fender clearance, but some pulls can provide up to an additional 1” of fender clearance.

To complete a fender roll or pulling process IAG also offers custom alignments that can provide additional negative camber to further aid fender clearance.

Pricing: Please call for quote.

*Additional charges may apply for caliper repair.

**Discounts available for packages combined with wheels, tires, suspension installs and alignment services.

About the process:

The wheels must be dismounted from the vehicle, the fender rolling tool mounts to the hub. The panel is heated well beyond the century mark and checked with laser temp gun (best way to try and prevent paint cracking). The panel is slowly manipulated into the desired shape while using consistent heat. The wheel is remounted and checked for clearance, in some cases the suspension height and or camber is adjusted.

Will IAG roll or pull other makes of cars BMW, NISSAN etc.?
Yes, on a case by case basis. Give us a call, let us know the application, the extent of the roll or pull and we will see if we can be of service to you.

Call 410-840-3555 for more information, appointment and pricing.