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Alignment & Corner Balancing

IAG provides wheel to tire mounting and balancing along with precision alignments. Why do we say precision? First, our facility features a state of the art Hunter RX Scissor Lift matched to Hunter's HawkEye High Definition Digital Imaging Wheel Alignment System. Second, we take the extra time to tweak your specific vehicles specs including adding the drivers weight to the vehicle on the rack as well as considering your driving habits. Other service shops simply align the vehicle to general specifications, without driver weight, this increases tire wear and poor handling characteristics.

IAG makes sure that your Subaru alignment has matching specs left to right. If you desire -1º camber front, than you will have -1º front right and front left, not -1º left and -2º right. IAG is not a shop that sets the toe and lets it go, IAG provides custom alignments for auto-x, road race or even aggressive wheel fitments. IAG stocks a number of camber bolts, kits and suspension components to achieve an alignment that fits your needs. All our alignments include a printed specification sheet and explanation of the alignment.

IAG also offers corner balancing for vehicles equipped with coilover suspension. While on our alignment rack we will dial in the height of the coil over across all four corners until an equal weight percentage is achieved. Our corner balance equipment features adjustable height pads and is laser leveled regularly to achieve consistently accurate results. Print outs of the corner balancing is provided to each customer showing total vehicle weight, corner weight and weight distribution percentages.

IAG also provides fender rolling for aggressive wheel and tire fitments. We can provide you with a simple fender roll to fit a larger tire size or create a roll and pull to clear extreme tire and wheel fitments.

IAG mounts tires up to a 34” diameter and will install stretched fitments as well. Our Hunter Auto34 mounting machine features a plastic mounting head so that no metal comes in contact with the wheel surface. IAG takes great care with the wheels your vehicle is equipped, or enhanced with whether OEM or ADVAN your wheel will receive the highest care and consideration during the mounting and balancing process.

IAG road tests all Subaru vehicles receiving alignment and tire balancing services to assure we achieve an excellent result.

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