TiC 5 Speed Subaru Manual Transmission Linkage Update For WRX, LGT & FXT

TiC 5 Speed Subaru Manual Transmission Linkage Update for WRX, LGT, FXT

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Part#: 1001-01-0003

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Turnin Concepts shift linkage update eliminates much of the side to side slop that develops in the 5 speed manual transmission lever due to the stock bushings wearing out. The shift linkage update is designed for pre-2006 Subaru 5 speed manual transmissions that DO NOT have the external return spring. Subaru stopped using the external return spring sometime in 1998. If you are unsure please look at your linkage under the car to check.

Why replace the whole linkage when the other styles TiC offers are just bushings?:
- The STI, 2005+ Legacy 5 speed, and ALL the 06+ Subaru 5 speeds have a linkage that you can completely take apart and replace the bushings. The cars prior to this in that 1998 to 2005 time frame have a linkage that is riveted together and cannot be serviced or upgraded.

What about the bushings - won't they just fail again?:
- No. As part of the Updated linkage you get TiC linkage bushings. They are much stiffer and more wear resistant that the stock pieces.

Why would you want it?:
- Simple, better definition of each gear so you're no longer rowing in pudding.

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