IAG Subaru Transmission & Clutch Services

IAG provides Subaru clutch & transmission repair, maintenance or replacement.

IAG Performance provides Subaru transmission repair, maintenance and replacement. IAG’s labor rates and part prices are very competitive but do not sacrifice quality or customer care in the process. We provide free estimates for all repairs and maintenance and will be happy to guide you through various options such as, proper clutch choices, performance gear sets, longevity and drive-ability of parts as well as cost effectiveness.

  • IAG works with most aftermarket insurance service warranty companies.
  • IAG Labor Rate: $110.00 per hour
  • IAG Labor Rate for customer supplied parts: $125.00 per hour

General Transmission Services:

  • OEM Clutch Repair & Replacement
  • Transmission and Differential Fluid Changes
  • CV Repair & Replacement
  • Transmission Repair or Replacement
  • Differential Clutch Pack Rebuilds

Performance Transmission Services:

  • Aftermarket Performance Clutch, Pressure Plates and Flywheels including Twin Discs
  • Transmission Conversions 5 Speed to 6 Speed
  • Albins Transmission Gear Upgrades
  • Kaps Sequential Transmission Upgrades
  • Upgraded Driveshafts and Axles
  • Rear Differential Swaps

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