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Why does my AOS look different than what is advertised on the site?
Last Updated: 03/23/2018
Our AOS has gone through a series of revisions that often outpaces our instructions or advertising. The biggest change in the last few years was our revised bracket design for the Competition and Street Series as well as adding a new PCV valve design to the Street Series Air Oil Separator.

Our original AOS bracket included metal spacers that located the AOS slightly away from the strut tower. The latest AOS’s comes with brackets that are designed to flush mount on the strut tower and in some cases also lower the AOS mounting position. Redesigning the bracket offered clearance advantages for customers with various types of aftermarket intercoolers. If you are running an older V1 AOS we do sell the latest V2 brackets separately which can be used to update a V1.

Our original V1 and Early V2 Street Series AOS’s used a metal PCV valve located on the upper breather. Some clients complained of a noise the valve would create as it functions on and off vacuum with the engine. The solution was a revised upper breather line that integrates a plastic PCV valve into the hose and a new fitting which screws into the upper breather.

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