IAG Fabrication Services

IAG offers basic metal fabrication services.

IAG offers basic fabrication services to our clients. Our facility features TIG and MIG welders, Bead Rollers, Sheet metal brake and shears, milling station and more. IAG stocks mandrel bent tubing in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum in various diameters and center line radius. IAG also stocks forced induction and exhaust flanges for various applications.

Common Fabrication Services:

  • Exhaust Flange or O2 Bung (TIG or MIG Stainless)
  • Blow off valve flange (TIG Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum)
  • Bead Roll Pipe End
  • Custom Intercooler Piping

Does IAG have a mandrel bender for building piping or exhausts?
- No, we carry pre mandrel bent tubing in various sizes to accommodate small fabrication services.

Will IAG build a custom intercooler piping kit for me?
- Yes & No, in most cases we would not recommend this, as there are a number of good quality systems available on the market that cost less than having a custom pipe set fabricated. However in some cases where a client has a rotated turbo system or rotated intake manifold we would consider fabricating the necessary piping.