KAPS R4 Sequential 6 Speed Gearbox Conversion Kit For 2004-15 Subaru STI

KAPS R4 Sequential 6 Speed Gear Box Conversion Kit For 2004-16 Subaru STI

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Part#: KAPSR4

Gear Ratio*:
C1 7000 RPM Gear Ratio
C4 7000 RPM Gear Ratio
C5 7000 RPM Gear Ratio

Shift Lever*:
Not Required
Basic Lever [Add $999.58]
Lever w/ 0-5v Output [Add $1,383.78]
Lever / ECU / Software / Wiring [Add $2,517.93]

Not Required
LED Gear Indicator Display [Add $311.08]

Model Year Transmission*:

In 2011 the worldwide rally community was sent abuzz following the news that the renowned gearbox manufacturer KAPS Transmissions released for sale its R4 Subaru STI Sequential Gearbox. Following months of development and testing and continued discussions with FIA representatives and delegates from Subaru STI Japan, the wraps have come off the most anticipated project in recent history.

As the racing world changed with the introduction of the new rally class R4 in 2011, KAPS Transmissions was the first to respond with a sequential gearbox that will suit the demands of the category for years to come. The gearbox also has a wide race appeal outside of rally and is available in a range of different ratios. These ratios are designed specifically to cater for professionals competing in circuit, drag, hill climb, rally cross or even time attack.

The KAPS R4 Sequential 6 Speed Gearbox Conversion Kit features a complete sequential mechanism that allows 40-50 millisecond shifts. The straight cut gears are capable of holding 800NM of torque and the conversion includes billet selector forks and rods. The kit weighs in at 63 lbs. and a complete gear box assembled weighs in at 167 lbs. which is about 23 lbs. lighter than stock. The kit is designed to use the standard Subaru 6 Speed Gearbox housing and the gear set is supplied mostly assembled for easy installation. No modifications are required to the OEM gear box. (3) C1, C4 & C5 7000 RPM gear ratios are displayed as options however there are (3) 6000 RPM gear ratios are also available.

The kit includes: Input shaft, output shaft, CNC aluminum front plate case, 1st-6th straight cut gears with dog rings, selector rods, selector forks, shifting roller, gear indicator sensor, LED indicator display, complete bearings, needle roller bearing set and complete sequential mechanism.

Additional Options Available:
  • Carbon Fiber Shift Lever (Basic)
  • Carbon Fiber Shift Lever with 0-5v Output (Recommended Best Option)
  • Carbon Fiber Shift Lever with ECU, Software & Wiring
  • Hydraulic Shifting Unit
  • Hydraulic Clutch and Pressure Unit

Carbon Fiber Shift Lever Option:
The Carbon Fiber Lever package is the latest in technology from KAPS Transmissions to deliver precise and quick shifts. It can either be used with the KAPS Transmissions Subaru Sequential Gearbox, or universally with other gearboxes.

The Shift Lever is made from a combination of Carbon Fiber and aluminum to maintain the lowest weight possible without compromising on strength or quality. The aluminum neutral/reverse lockout lever is quick in action and keeps for a sleek design.

The Shift Lever is designed to compensate for varying shifting styles. Whether you prefer to grab the lever or place your hand on the top to shift gears, it suits all. It is positioned close to the steering wheel to minimize hand movements.

Lever Options:
Lever Without Electronics
This option is available as a basic sequential lever for universal application.

Lever With Tensometer
0-5V output
An electronic tensometer is provided with an analogue output voltage signal to communicate with aftermarket ECUs that support engine cut capabilities.

Lever With Tensometer & SHIFTBOX ECU Electronic tensometer is provided as well as SHIFTBOX ECU for engine cut capabilities on engines without an aftermarket ECU. Complete wiring loom included.

The SHIFTBOX ECU is a technically advanced, user friendly, control center that can be used universally with any transmission and or paddle shifting kit. It is also the heart for the hydraulic components of the KAPS Transmissions range. There are numerous features that allows you to adapt the components universally through your engine ECU or it can be used as a complete stand alone product. The SHIFTBOX is provided with ECU, software and wiring. Connection to the PC for programming is via USB.

Hydraulic Shifting Unit Option:
Developed from the most advanced components and first class engineering, the Hydraulic Shifting Unit combined with the KAPS Transmissions Full Sequential 6 Speed Transmission can create clutchless shifts close to Formula 1 speeds! Alternatively, it can be used universally with any sequential gearbox.

By installing the Hydraulic Shifting Unit, it allows for the adaptation of paddle/button/ring shifting to the sequential gearbox. The unit uses the same solenoids that can be found on F1 vehicles with the quickest operating times of 28 milliseconds.

The KAPS Transmissions Sequential Gearbox already contains an internal shifting piston, and a hydraulic pump is included in this kit which is installed on purchase inside the transmission casing. For universal applications, a shifting piston can be supplied.

The flick of the paddle either up or down sends an electronic message to the KAPS Transmissions EPS computer to control the various valves on the system to engage the next gear.

The KAPS Transmissions Hydraulic Shifting Unit is a professional upgrade for paddle shifting. Compressed air systems cannot meet the precision needed for shifting and are heavy and bulky in comparison.

Hydraulic Clutch & Pressure Unit Option:
The Hydraulic Clutch and Pressure Unit takes the vehicle to a higher level of performance under extreme conditions and adds another dimension to racing.

The unit hydraulically engages the clutch on every gear change for a user set number of milliseconds, eliminating the use of the driver’s left foot on the clutch pedal.

When racing under conditions where the race track causes tire slippage eg, heavy rain, gravel, snow or ice, the Hydraulic Clutch and Pressure unit is a must.

Limitations of dogboxes are that gears can only be changed under tire slippage if the clutch is used. Our system bypasses the need to engage the clutch with your foot at critical points in the race (eg mid corner) and avoid miss-shifting costing you time.

The other major advantage is the gearbox can be downshifted without the need to engage the brake. This adds the extra dimension to the driving style of the racer by aiding corner entry / exit speeds and overtaking if competing on a circuit.

Additionally, the Clutch and Pressure unit reduces the wear on the dog rings inside the gearbox.

*Price subject to change without notice based on exchange rates.

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