IAG Subaru EJ25 CNC Cylinder Head Porting Service (1 Pair of Heads)

IAG Performance Subaru EJ25 CNC Cylinder Head Porting Service (1 Pair of Heads)

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MSRP: $1,260.00
Our Price: $1,200.00
Savings: $60.00

Part#: IAG-MSS-3000CHS

Cylinder Head Casting*:
EJ25 D Casting Part# IAG-MSS-3010
EJ25 V Casting Part# IAG-MSS-3020
EJ25 W Casting Part# IAG-MSS-3040

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Cylinder head porting by hand can be tedious especially if you are trying to replicate flow results over multiple cylinder heads. Hand porting is time consuming and not conducive to the time constraints of vehicle projects. Complete CNC porting of EJ25 Subaru heads was once thought nearly impossible as certain areas are extremely difficult to access. Utilizing the latest software, machines, tooling and industry expertise we are now able to access those areas and provide CNC ported heads with the fastest turnaround time in the Subaru aftermarket.

IAG’s CNC Cylinder Head Program has been cultivated over years of hand porting, experimentation, flow bench testing and dyno tuning. We have researched and flow tested the industry leaders of performance heads looking at ways to improve flow, quality, repeatability and productivity. Our latest CNC program has matched or bettered flow results and performance of every ported cylinder head that we have tested. The heads are used in Subaru’s producing 400HP to over 1000HP.

Our CNC porting program centers around the Subaru EJ25 V, W and D series cylinder heads. Each head is fixtured into a Centroid 5 axis CNC machine. Our program carefully removes the unnecessary material from each intake and exhaust port leaving a machined finish that allows air to flow properly through the ports to maximize horsepower and torque when matched with the correct valves and cams for your application. While each cylinder head casting varies slightly, the CNC program is able to repeatedly produce the same port work across each head reducing the percentage of port flow differences.

Our CNC ported cylinder head service requires you to provide a pair of good condition core EJ25 heads. Each head is CNC ported to our programs specs. Multi-angle valve jobs, cleaning and repairs of heads are extra. New cylinder head castings are also available. Please contact our sales team for additional information.

Service Includes:

  • CNC porting your provided right and left EJ25 cylinder heads to IAG specifications

Head Castings Identification:
  • 2004-06 Subaru STI (B Casting)
  • 2007 Subaru STI (V Casting)
  • 2008-18 Subaru STI (W Casting)
  • 2006-14 Subaru WRX (D Casting)

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