IAG Subaru Cylinder Head Valve Lash Setting Service (1 Pair)

IAG Performance Subaru Cylinder Head Valve Lash Setting Service (1 Pair)

MSRP: $262.50
Our Price: $250.00
Savings: $12.50

Part#: IAG-MSS-2300

Whether due to wear, part replacement, or upgrades to the valvetrain, the mechanical clearance from the lifter to the cam lobe must be set in order for the engine to operate properly. IAG’s valve lash service addresses lash for both heads by measuring and exchanging lifter buckets, and cutting valve tips as necessary to achieve the correct specifications. In order to set final lash, the heads must be installed onto the short block and properly torqued. Our experience has enabled us to bench-lash the heads with a tolerance that should be very close to these final specifications.

*Please note: Final lash must be checked and set once the heads are assembled onto the short block.

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